Arivale Scientific Wellness - Thank you posters

Fun and elegant posters for a scientific wellness clinic. Arivale is a genetic testing and personal health coaching startup. Based on genetics, they personalize a diet plan with a focus on education. I wanted to create something clean and simple yet nodding to the educational aspect.
Minimal Solar System Infographic 

This poster combines two of my favorite things, space, and minimal design.
Geometric Poster 

Shapes are a fundamental part of life. They have the power to communicate particular messages and feelings, and to create beautiful designs in the form of geometric patterns. This piece is an exploration of shape, movement, and value. When designing, I rearrange elements based on intuition and first impression. This can take several days. Each step forward is more difficult and I feel less and less free until I know there is nothing left to do. When everything is in harmony according to my standards, I stop and the piece is complete.
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